Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Semis Week II ( prediction )

Adam Lembert
Jasmine Murray
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey
Here's my take on this week's crop of contestants .
This week just has to better than last Tuesday's suck-fest. I'm counting on beig entertained by Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna henson and, of course, Nick Mitchell and Jasmine Murray ...
Adam Lambert - Adam, who has appeared in various theater productions including Wicked in LA, had a fan base coming to Idol, and it's been growing ever since . His highly theatrical style, even in tamped down version for middle Americawill make him a polarizing contestant from get go, I suspect. The producers love that, so I predict they'll advance him to the top 12 as a wild card if he doesn't wi the popular vote this week .
Jasmine Murray - Jasmine has had tons of screen time with lots of love from judges throughout the competition. I predict she'll be give a good performance slot, and if she doesn't sing well, Simon will plead with the audience to give her a second chance, or some such pimping. She's got a good shot at being highest female-getter this week.
Matt Giraud - Matt has been steadily gaining a fan base since his initial audition in Louisville. He sealed the deal with his soulful interpretation of "Georgia"in Hollywood. I would not be surprised if Matt headed stright to the Top 12 this week.
Megan Joy Corkrey - The judges adored Megan's unusual, quirky vocals during her audition. But will her talent translate onto the Idol stage? If she picks the right song, and sings it well, she could be a dark horse contender for the Top 12. Or she could flop spectacularly head back home to Utah .
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JD said...

btul bah...

tapi aku rasa c Adam dapat lah tu kan hehehe...

ASLIsmail said...

hofully he'll make it to next Top 12 kan..hehehe

JD said...

wowww...buli tahan oh c Adam , bilang the judges - dia nyanyi macam buat konsert :) komen ?