Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol 8 - 1st Group on Stage

Alexis Grace - 21 , from Memphis
Ricky Braddy - 25, Nashville
Anoop Desai - 22 , Chapel Hill
Danny Gokey - 28 , Milwaukee
The 36 finalist of American Idol 8
The first group of 12 semifinalists from American Idol's Top 36 took the stage last night durig the first live broadcast of the Fox reality competition's eighth season . Were Malaysia TV's , Astro air via Star World .

Singing hits from the Billboard hot 100, the first group consisted of 12 finalists .

"Now is really your shot. You've got to blow us away vocally,"judge Randy jackson said at the beginning of the broadcast. This is it, the public seeing you the first time. You've got to be in to really win it tonight."

Unfortunaetly the judges felt it was largely a night of missed opportunities for first group, some of whom also had a hard time finding their identity as performers ________________________________________________________________

In thats case , I like to watch the performance by

Ricky Braddy - A Song for You , were Randy said : "This is what I'm thinking about right here.This I feel is the start of Season 8 right here. I think we've got more talent this year than we've ever had and dude, that was unbelievable right there. Beautiful tone, nice voice, the way to jump it off! Thats the jump off Season 8 right there."

Alexis Grace - I Never Loved a Man ( The Way I Love You ) , Kara Said:"The genine is out of the bottle with you.You released something inside, and it has been a pleasure to watch you come out of shell. First girl that steppedup in frontof us that first time in the auditio city, it's not the girl tonight. It's a new girl and I love it. I'm digging. Youdid a great job."

Anoop Desai - Angel of Mine , Paula Said: "The great thing with you Anoop is America has connected with you in a large way already. This is a different side of you. I think wheather you were a little sharp or not, I think that you have that Brian McKnight feel to your voice. That's a compliment. I belive Aoop Dog is here for a while...Hopefully."

and Danny Gokey - Hero , Simon Said : "Back to the realworld. I thought it was good. It wasn't fantastic , it was good. The end part was great, the beginning was okay. The arrangement was a bit heavy-handed. You are very, very good singer. I like you,I'm just buying the hype right now."

Recently , the first three finalist of Season Eight are Alexis Grace , Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey .

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