Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wildcards perform for their place in the Top 12....No Top 13 !

To make it onto this stage is an impressive feat . To get a second , miraculous .
They are Jasmine Murray , Megan Corkery , Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai . As my prediction in heat 1 , and now selected by the judges . Am so impress with the performance Anoop Desai , The Dogs its comeback!
For this session , Fox TV make the supprised when select Anoop Desai is the Top 13 , and its is history for American Idol , because never before have been .
courtesy picture : Micheal Barcker

Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol selects 3 more finalists

Lil Rounds - 23 year old , Memphis , Tenn _____________________________________________________
The third group of three finalists headed to the Top 12 : Lil Rounds , the smooth 23 year old mother of three from Memphis , Tenn . Scott Maclntyre , the soulful 23 year old piano player Scottdale , Ariz , and Jorge Nunez , the charming 20 year old college student from Carolina , Puerto Rico . The trio received the most votes Tuesday . The show's four judges seemed in agreement with the viewer votes this week . They apparently didn't want to be without Rounds, who received the biggest endorsment after singing Mary J.Blige's-Be Without You . The panel also lauded Maclyntre and Nunez , who broke into tears Tuesday after his rendition of elton John's-Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me . At the end of the show, the judges also announced the semifinalist who will get a second shot at the Top 12 . They are Von Smith , Jasmine Murray , Ricky Braddy , Megan Corkrey , Tatiana Del Toro , Matt Girauld , Jesse Langseth and Anoop Desai will return to stage for the wild round Thrusday . The judges will pick the final three finalists from the group . Courtesy Pictures