Monday, April 6, 2009

Local Dancer - Limbai Dance
From left : Rozailah-SMEs Bank , Norahitah-State Protocol Department ,
Rahman - Contractor & Datuk Zakariah - Palm Oil Lahad Datu Owner
7.05pm in eve's , five of us dinner together in Kampung Nelayan at Bukit Padang . This is my 3rd time go there , and very relaxs because the restaurants is floating and around by the green environment .
Most of the tourist visited Sabah , must go this place . Its not only eating but also the performance by local dancer . Were , we can see the dances from many ethnic in Sabah , like Limbai-Bajau , Sumazau - Kadazan , Magunatip - Murut and etc . The best part is , when the dancer call the visiter to join together and feel it the squeat of rhytm dances.
Thank you Datuk and the geng , invite me :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

25th - 30th March 2009 - PWTC , AF 7 - Kuala Lumpur

Its is because UMNO , were the trip holidays was been . On 25th , I depature from Terminal 2 KK and arrived in LCCT KL in eve's . Its is tired on board , coz one of the passenger brings her daughter and all the way crying .
I was remember , I try to finish reading the book but still alive in around of crying then headtache comes . In PWTC , I spent to bought the Samping UMNO , books and beli buah tangan for my close friends .
Three nights I staying in CitiTEL , Midvalley . That hotels was ready by Neal ( Md.Faizal ) , and we spent also time to have breakfast in Delicacies and dinner at Food Junctions . It was remember , how I order to eaten " bubur " .
On 28th eve , I back to house of my sister in Puri Ayu in Shah Alam . At noon I joined them to go to AF 7 Consert . And after the consert , again join minum malam at McD ....Cikgu CT Hajar , Mimie , ADDA and 3 of frends Cikgu CT . Its was great trip .

Best Friend Wedding

I never have and experiance before to attend Kenduri Kahwin in Weekdays . One of my friend , Razali Hussin and his the AJK's Pemuda UMNO P.168 Kota Marudu , were wedding on Monday 09th March .
The Kenduri Kahwin was held in Kampung Tambun , Kota Marudu - 15 KM from town . Im with AJK's , Md. Faizal Datuk Saidi , Satria Abd.Rashid , Jailon , Jefferi Maral and Jaluddin Hassan as one of the been there .
Four of us also invited to sing a song that time ...:)
Iyalah , like what Jaluddin said , AF 8 .
Semoga Berkekalan Hingga ke Akhir Hayat .... Amin

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wildcards perform for their place in the Top 12....No Top 13 !

To make it onto this stage is an impressive feat . To get a second , miraculous .
They are Jasmine Murray , Megan Corkery , Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai . As my prediction in heat 1 , and now selected by the judges . Am so impress with the performance Anoop Desai , The Dogs its comeback!
For this session , Fox TV make the supprised when select Anoop Desai is the Top 13 , and its is history for American Idol , because never before have been .
courtesy picture : Micheal Barcker

Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol selects 3 more finalists

Lil Rounds - 23 year old , Memphis , Tenn _____________________________________________________
The third group of three finalists headed to the Top 12 : Lil Rounds , the smooth 23 year old mother of three from Memphis , Tenn . Scott Maclntyre , the soulful 23 year old piano player Scottdale , Ariz , and Jorge Nunez , the charming 20 year old college student from Carolina , Puerto Rico . The trio received the most votes Tuesday . The show's four judges seemed in agreement with the viewer votes this week . They apparently didn't want to be without Rounds, who received the biggest endorsment after singing Mary J.Blige's-Be Without You . The panel also lauded Maclyntre and Nunez , who broke into tears Tuesday after his rendition of elton John's-Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me . At the end of the show, the judges also announced the semifinalist who will get a second shot at the Top 12 . They are Von Smith , Jasmine Murray , Ricky Braddy , Megan Corkrey , Tatiana Del Toro , Matt Girauld , Jesse Langseth and Anoop Desai will return to stage for the wild round Thrusday . The judges will pick the final three finalists from the group . Courtesy Pictures

Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol results : Allison Iraheta , Adam Lambert dan Kris Allen advance

( TQ - Miroulle Obit for nice pics )
courtesy pictures -Fox TV
Three more singers joined the "American Idol" Top 12 :
( Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen )
After Wednesday's performanve show, Iraheta and Lambert seemed like shoe-ins for the Top 12-even though some fans criticized Lambert for oversinging.
Allen's spot in the Top 12 was somewhat a suprise, as he received little air time priorto semifinals. But his controlled,vocallysound take on Michael Jackson's - Man in the mirror gave an edge on a night when the majority of singers chose songs too big or too small for their talent levels.
Now , the Top 12 includes six singers :
Alexis Grace , Danny Gokey , Michael Sarver , Allison Iraheta , Adam Lambert and Kris Allen .

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Semis Week II ( prediction )

Adam Lembert
Jasmine Murray
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey
Here's my take on this week's crop of contestants .
This week just has to better than last Tuesday's suck-fest. I'm counting on beig entertained by Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Megan Corkrey, Mishavonna henson and, of course, Nick Mitchell and Jasmine Murray ...
Adam Lambert - Adam, who has appeared in various theater productions including Wicked in LA, had a fan base coming to Idol, and it's been growing ever since . His highly theatrical style, even in tamped down version for middle Americawill make him a polarizing contestant from get go, I suspect. The producers love that, so I predict they'll advance him to the top 12 as a wild card if he doesn't wi the popular vote this week .
Jasmine Murray - Jasmine has had tons of screen time with lots of love from judges throughout the competition. I predict she'll be give a good performance slot, and if she doesn't sing well, Simon will plead with the audience to give her a second chance, or some such pimping. She's got a good shot at being highest female-getter this week.
Matt Giraud - Matt has been steadily gaining a fan base since his initial audition in Louisville. He sealed the deal with his soulful interpretation of "Georgia"in Hollywood. I would not be surprised if Matt headed stright to the Top 12 this week.
Megan Joy Corkrey - The judges adored Megan's unusual, quirky vocals during her audition. But will her talent translate onto the Idol stage? If she picks the right song, and sings it well, she could be a dark horse contender for the Top 12. Or she could flop spectacularly head back home to Utah .
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