Monday, April 6, 2009

Local Dancer - Limbai Dance
From left : Rozailah-SMEs Bank , Norahitah-State Protocol Department ,
Rahman - Contractor & Datuk Zakariah - Palm Oil Lahad Datu Owner
7.05pm in eve's , five of us dinner together in Kampung Nelayan at Bukit Padang . This is my 3rd time go there , and very relaxs because the restaurants is floating and around by the green environment .
Most of the tourist visited Sabah , must go this place . Its not only eating but also the performance by local dancer . Were , we can see the dances from many ethnic in Sabah , like Limbai-Bajau , Sumazau - Kadazan , Magunatip - Murut and etc . The best part is , when the dancer call the visiter to join together and feel it the squeat of rhytm dances.
Thank you Datuk and the geng , invite me :)

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bulan_sunrise said...

selamat hari raya aidil fitri maaf zahir batin