Monday, July 14, 2008

" If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think"

Oprah Winfrey & Simon Cowell at Oprah Set
These are few ways you could describe Oprah Winfrey; it all depends on your nouns choice. CNN has called her one of the world's most powerful women and Time Magazine tagged her one of the most influential persons of the 20th century - impressive superlatives for a woman who came from nothing and become one of two black bilionaries in America .
If Winfrey wears many hats , her primary one is host of the critically acclaimed The Oprah Winfrey Show , which has run in continuous natiobal syndication since 1986 . From on-air book clubs to Oprah's "favorite things" whatever she features on the show has almost instantaneous acceptance, trust and desirability in society.
Case point: When Winfery included self-help book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle in her book club, nearly half million people logged on for a live Web Cast. It would be recorded as one of the most watched events on the 'Net had the site crashed from the overwhelming traffic .
She's ventured into film as an actress and producer, made her mark as a publisher and , in creating production company, Harpo Productions , became only the third women in the American entertainment industry to own her own studio . Winfrey has added humanitarian to her resume with three prinsipal philanthropic endeavors- the Oprah Winfery Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, which opened in 2007; Oprah's Angel Network; and the Oprah Winfrey Foundation. Most recently, Winfrey helped make philanthropy in reality TV with her show, Oprah's Big Give .
What makes Winfrey a great enterprenuer is her ability to capitalize on her best asset-the trust she's garnered from the American public. She knows that any book she recommends will become an instant best-seller and any topical expert on health, fitness, relationships or even interior design will become a household name. As far as the public eye can see, she's used her influence for good and kept that covenant well.

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Rush Murad said...

I love Oprah!!! her talk shows inspire me... and for sure to a lot of people.... berangan ni, bilalah dapat duduk dalam studio tengok Oprah live.....